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Recovery & Performance Therapist (RPT)

RPT utilizes specific soft tissue modalities (ex. Neuromuscular & Sports Massage)  to relieve muscular tension and trigger points throughout the body in combination with Corrective Movement Therapy. With our advance assessment technology we can effectively provide a strategic program to promote proper bio-mechanics, increase functional range of motion and self-awareness. We strive to help individuals live pain free while gaining structural integrity. 

Our Health System consists of 3 Key Phases.                                        


Therapist & Trainers Who Care

We offer a variety of Innovative Wellness Services designed to enhance self well-being through education, motivation, and inspiration. We have a dedicated staff of highly trained professionals to guide you through your wellness experience. Our Integrated Health Services Include: Pain Management & Prevention, Posture & Movement Therapy, Mental Health Services, Nutrition & Diet Counseling, Functional Performance & Fitness. Book A FREE Health Consultation or check out our New Online Assessment Features!


Virtual Wellness

Our 1-on-1 Virtual Sessions allows Members & Guests to connect with Licensed Therapists or Trainers from anywhere in the World. Zoom, FaceTime and Whats App are some virtual platforms you can choose from to guide you through your Personalized Wellness Experience. We treat most Chronic and Acute Conditions (Ex. Low Back Pain & Sciatica),  Postural Deviations (Ex. Forward Head Posture & Scoliosis), and Movement Imbalances (Ex. Poor walking mechanics). We also offer Virtual Fitness. Click Below for your Free Consultation!