Our Method

Structural Integration Therapy TM

YC Health Studio offers a unique approach to Pain Management, Postural Deviations  and Impared Movement. Our systematic manual  techniques are used to eliminate trigger points, myofacial blockage, and increase functional mobility. Your initial treatment consist of a full assessment and evaluation with our state of the art PostureScreen software along with a Neuromuscular or Sports Massage Therapy treatment for your particular condition.

Your Personalized Experience

Structural Integration Therapy TM helps to restore functional movement by re-aligning the body, increasing flexibility and re-training proper movement. We offer a natural alternative to pain management and maintenance. This unique and innovating system focuses on our 3 phase philosophy, Phase 1- Rebalance, Phase 2- Stabilization & Strength, and Phase 3- Functional Performance.   You will be guided through each phase according to your level and goals with one of our Certified Health & Fitness Practitioners.

Exceed Expectation

Our Goal is to educate, motivate and inspire individuals to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  We believe that being consistent with proper biomechanics and training techniques, can build life long personal awareness skills.  We strive to provide the highest quality of service with the best Therapist & Trainers in the industry.  Let one of our Wellness Directors design the right program for you!  

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