Posture & Bodyfat Testing


Understanding Posture

Ideal Posture is the ability to align the body in many different positions with the least amount of stress. With our daily lives, we constantly put stress on the body through repetitive movements.  This lead to muscle imbalances which ultimately leads to injury. Correcting your posture can reverse issues such as scoliosis and may be the answer to many chronic and sometimes acute pain and muscular tension. 


Posture Screen Full Body Analysis

YC Health Studio offers a convenient way to analyze your posture with accurate and detailed measurments.  This New Posture analysis can be taken in-person or via Online with a recent photo. For Online Photo Analysis, a 15 minute phone consultation is included with your Posture Screen Purchase.  Certified Therapist & Trainers review your assessment and gives recommondations according to their findings. For the most accurate Scan, Email full body photos of the front, back, and both sides to Be sure to include your date of birth, height, and weight.

Body Fat Analysis

Your Lean Screen Analysis


Your Bodyfat Analysis includes a 15 minute Fitness Consultation, either in our studio or over the phone, to help structure your program and to maximize your results. This gives our members and guest the ability to access and update measurements from anywhere at anytime!  You can send us a photo and we can analyze your bodyfat with 24 hours. Our Body Fat Anaylsis uses the latest LeanScreen Technology to pinpoint your percentage of fat, Body Mass Index (BMI), Waist to Hip Ratio, Lean Body Mass, and Basal Metabolic Rate. Email front and side photos to

Be sure to include your date of birth, height, and weight.

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